About Me


Our team consists of a professional wedding planner, designer-decorator, photographer, makeup artist, and a charter company. We also have expertise in tourism and we are open to everything to help you achieve your dream wedding. Our specialty is Nautical Weddings to make your big day even more unique! If you do not prefer formal wedding venues, there are numerous hidden coves that are perfect for a romantic wedding. The sea view and one of the most beautiful sunsets make sailing a special experience. You can choose from various sailboats, catamarans, and yachts to sail into the harbor of marriage.

"Sail up and let the wind guide you. Just you, the sea, and the stars. Life is a joy and a blessing! My sincere desire is to create everything to the best of my knowledge, from the heart! I observe love and satisfaction around me, I pay attention to my own strength and I know what I am capable of. I love living, I love the world, I love listening, and paying attention to everything around me. I love kindness and I love giving! To me, every couple, every interested person is equally important. My goal is to make every moment my guests spend on the seaside unforgettable and memorable! To me, the sight of achievement is the greatest gift one person can give to others, because in your own GENTLE way, you can always shake up the world."

Introducing Our Team

Meet our Team

Tommy Bolyky

I'm Tommy Bolyky, I've been interested in film and video since I was a child. When I saw the movie Jurassic Park as a child with all the effects and music in the background, I knew then that the camera was my passion and that I would one day stand behind the camera and create and capture magical moments. We make our wedding videos with cinematic cinematography and film equipment, which will be a pleasure to watch for years to come. The use of a drone brings new perspectives and camera movements to my videos. You've come to the point where you want someone to capture your big day, because there is no better way to recall the joyous events than through moving image and sound, a professional wedding film. You've made the right decision to have a video! You can share it with your family and friends, and later you can always see how you smiled, danced and relive the heart-warming moments.

Kuruc Veronika

My name is Veronika Kuruc and I come from a family of florists. My grandparents and parents have been involved in flower cultivation, so there was no doubt that I would follow in their footsteps. After learning the florist trade, I opened my first flower shop named "Kala" in the vicinity of Osijek in 2014. In 2023, I expanded my business by opening a second flower shop in Beli Manastir. I consider keeping up with trends and professional development to be of utmost importance, and therefore I have attended numerous domestic and international courses and masterclasses. The culmination of my passion-driven profession was achieving the national second place at the 2022 Floraart floral competition in Zagreb. For me, creating and working with flowers is a passion in my life, which I now do with my team of four.


Hello, I'm Iva! Probably the one that interests the better half more. I am a construction student and I always knew that I would hold a pencil or brush in my hand. The first time I started using makeup brushes was when I stole them from my older sister while she was getting ready to go out. Growing up, I came to love it on myself and slowly on others. Drawing on the face. The hobby has become something a little more, a student job seasoned with love. Some easy mathematics that I have been doing for three years and at least another thirty-three. I hope that my hand will fulfill all your wishes and brighten your special day.


For me, photography is a hobby; a tool for self-expression, creativity, aesthetics, and self-knowledge. As in all areas of my life, in photography I strive to the maximum for harmony, the development of fine details and, through that, the unique expression of the moment. My work started in 2019 with portrait, family and character photography; since then I have been able to try myself as a photographer for many seaside weddings on behalf of Nautical wedding. I prefer spontaneous technique and photos, in which real feelings and the magic of the moment can be shown.