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The required official documents for a wedding or marriage in Croatia may vary by region, but the following documents are typically required by all offices:


  • birth certificate extract
  • personal identification document
  • proof of residence
  • statement of intent to marry
  • proof of marital status
  • passport

What should we pay attention to?

The documents submitted for a wedding in Croatia cannot be older than three months, and a Croatian-language translation, certified by the National Translator and Translation Authentication Office, is required for all documents.

If the bride and groom do not speak Croatian, they must hire an interpreter for the marriage to be valid in Croatia.


The Croatian registry office issues a marriage certificate after the ceremony, which must be recognized in Hungary by having it translated by the National Translator and Translation Authentication Office, and submitted to the local government according to the place of residence.

basic services

  • Complete wedding planning
  • Ceremony organization
  • Consultation
  • Municipality coordination
  • Certified translation of documents
  • Coordination of church weddings
  • Provision of interpreters
  • Guidance in choosing a suitable location

additional services

  • 4K quality drone footage, media video
  • Professional photographer
  • Decoration: happiness gate, yacht, beach, restaurant with professional florist
  • Professional make-up, hairdresser
  • Music
  • Restaurant and catering service
  • Various yachts, boats provided
  • Accommodation arrangement